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“The first principle for improving health is KNOWLEDGE; and the second principle is to eliminate health-destroying substances and habits from our lives. The second principle derives from the first, because until we know what is right, we may not be able to do what is right” – Tony Akinyemi (How To Regain and Retain Your Health).

The Healthy Living Institute (HLI) is a knowledge-based revolution for advancing the cause of healthy living using Bible-based, Science-supported, Time-tested and People-proven principles.

The Institute maintains that no disease is incurable or not preventable, that good health and long life are attainable, and that diet and lifestyle choices are major precursors to healthy living.

The Institute is raising Ambassadors for healthy living who will propagate same wherever they find themselves.

The programs and courses of HLI support the above and encourage further studies and research to deepen same.  Participants are strongly advised to embrace the healthy living principles as advocated in the programs.

Admission is open to healthy living enthusiasts, practitioners and individuals who seek health for themselves and others.

The first module of the institute lays a general foundation for participants in understanding of:

  • Disease Prevention & Reversal
  • Basic Diet & Nutrition
  • General Healthy Living Principles
  • Immunity & Immune System
  • Weight Management Issues
  • Concept for Super health
  • Herbs, Nuts,Vegetables & Spices
  • Business and Ministry in Healthy Living
  • Genetics & Epigenetics etc.
The second module lays emphasis on applying the principles learnt in module 1 in addressing certain conditions.
  • Advance Weight Management
  • Tropical Herbs and Usage
  • Prevention & Reversal of Diabetes
  • Prevention & Reversal of Arthritis
  • MMS
  • Infertity
  • Prevention & Reversal of Hypertension
  • Eye Health

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