Thank you Rev Tony Akinyemi for the time we spent at the training over there in Nigeria. The training was just wonderful and the Knowledge you shared with us was so great. I enjoyed the humor you employed in your teachings for they enhance understanding . You have perfect mastery of subject matter and your teaching methods and techniques are well fashioned as well.You successfully did arouse and sustain your trainees attention through out lectures. As a teacher, these are observations I made. You are an ASSET to those who understand the greatness of what you teach. Thanks immensely once more and may the Almighty God continue to strengthen you and your wonderful team.
Peng Terh F. Cameroun

Digestion Issues

My little boy of 2 years had serious digestion problems, he went through 2 blood transfusions, he was always hospitalized. I read Rev Tony’s book on juicing for health and pleasure. I came for HLI training and I knew there was a turn around when I met him. My son is better now, he is healthy with all the supplements I give him. Today I am also into juices and smoothies production. To God be the glory have been able to put to practice all i have learnt from the training.
Mrs E. Adebayo


My mother had Arthritis, as a result of that she was incapacitated. My neighbor invited all women in my estate to come and listen to Rev Tony Akinyemi’s CD. I was inspired and got curious so I came to see Rev Tony. I purchased all his CDs and newsletters on arthritis and sent them to my mum. By October 2012 she got better. I was diagnosed last year with steroid and hormonal imbalance. I was bleeding profusely, I came to see Rev Tony Akinyemi, he prescribed some supplements and advised I started eating right. I started the hallelujah diet and I am super great now all the swellings disappeared and I am healthy praise God.
Mrs E. Asheley

30 Day's Challenge

In 2011, my husband was sick to the point of death. The doctors couldn’t diagnose the disease properly. He didn’t have any pain but had distended stomach, his ankles were swollen, he was eating properly but still looked malnourished. The doctors refused to start treatment until they were sure about what was wrong with him. Someone introduced us to Rev Tony Akinyemi . He placed us on a 30 days challenge and then 90days of healthy diet .In other to encourage my husband I joined him. Within the first 2 weeks of the diet, his stomach started going in and by the end of the 90 days challenge my husband was completely healed.
Mrs U. Akuego


My Tenant in Ibadan had infertility issues; they had been married for 9 years without children. I bought Rev Tony’s CD and materials on Addressing infertility in Men & Women and I sent it to them. They read the books and listened to the Cds and practiced all they learnt, by October 2013, I was invited for the naming ceremony of their daughter.
Pst C. Adewale


About 6 years ago I watch Rev Tony on TV he talked about Extreme Make-Over and I was blessed. I was diagnosed with hypertention and I struggled with it for months, my BP was going higher by the day. My Doctor placed me on a drugs and warned strongly against stopping my medication. I was confused and needed help, I decided to write Rev Tony in 2013. I received a mail from Rev Tony inviting me for a lecture on High blood pressure in Lagos. He said there was reversal for every disease. I bought all the tapes and newsletters on hypertension at the seminar. I told my Doctor that I was going to be his first patient to be delivered from hypertension. I started the healthy living diet and also took supplements that were recommended by Rev Tony. Within 8 months my blood pressure normalized, I stopped my medication. I started a health seminar in Warri. I have been able to bless the people around me praise God.
Rev Famous D. Warri

Cancer Of The Lungs

I was diagnosed with cancer of the Lung, I was coughing profusely, I did several test and X-rays in a quest for a solution. I was on drugs for several months. In June 2013, I woke up one morning breathless. I thought it was my end so I visited a friend who insisted I needed to get help. She called an ambulance and I was immediately rushed to the hospital where I was admitted for 2 months. I sent Rev Tony a mail and I started reading his materials on healthy living and started juicing and now I am healed.
Dr Ashuke